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Boilers are the heart of many processes driving successful businesses, facilities, and industries. Almost every industry relies on boilers to complete their everyday operations, including the healthcare (hospitals), university, food and beverage, and textile industries.

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A clear understanding of all the various systems and preparations involved in successful boiler operation is critical to the stable, efficient, and safe operation of the equipment, as a properly maintained boiler room will keep your facility running safely and efficiently.

Click the categories below to learn about boiler basics, how to be prepared in case of an emergency with your boiler, how to properly care for and maintain your boiler, as well as the different boiler equipment we offer at Powerhouse. In addition, subscribe to our Powerhouse Journal to stay up to date with all things Powerhouse Boiler Equipment, including our education articles, projects and more!

Our Boiler Equipment

PWR trailer mounted boiler education

Trailer Mounted Boiler

Need a boiler fast? The trailer mounted boiler systems offer the most economical option to get a rental boiler at your facility in the fastest way possible.

Skid Mounted Boiler

Portable Boiler Room

When a shutdown (emergency or planned) of your plant includes all the components to operate your boiler the only solution is a completely furnished Portable Boiler Room

BB 500

Boiler In a Box

Boiler in a Box units are a great solution for facilities that need extra steam in a time of high demand. Here's how they work and the advantages they have over other boiler operating systems.