Used boilers - refurbished boilers: as good as new

Don’t settle for an old steam boiler with a fresh coat of paint on it. You want a boiler that has been refurbished the way we do it, because “boilers are our business.”

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These aren’t just any used boilers. We find lightly used boilers that have never undergone major repairs, from brands like Cleaver BrooksHurst and Nebraska. Then we refurbish them like nobody’s business.

Our unique 28 point boiler reconditioning process covers the inspection and repair or replacement of every single component of the boiler. This ensures that every used boiler we sell is in top operating condition. Even better, we're able to deliver them as custom engineered solutions, specifically designed for your exact needs.

Our reconditioning process may include:

  • Complete retube
  • UV Thickness testing of pressure components
  • Replacement of non-working components with 100% New parts
  • 1.5x hydrostatic test certified by the National Board
  • Replace all insulation and jacketing
  • 2 coats of automotive quality paint and finish
  • Full-load test-fire

We put our best team of engineers and service technicians to inspect, clean and test the user boiler when it comes on to our premises. We'll make the proper changes to ensure that our product exceeds industry standards. You'll be thinking there's no way this refurbished boiler is for sale, at this high-quality and low-cost. But, it's no joke. We know what it takes to recondition used boilers so that they're as good as new, and you can run a safe, efficient and reliable operation.

Why buy a Used, Refurbished Boiler?

PWR Icons less expensive

Less Expensive

PWR Icons our 28 point reconditioning process

Our 28 Point Reconditioning Process

PWR Icons full factory warrantee and power house guarantee

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