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Remote monitoring

We know that there are many challenges that you face in your boiler room. A system failure can cost you thousands of dollars. It’s stressful. That’s why we developed a remote monitoring solution to provide you the backup that you need

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Boiler Logix

Boiler Logix by Powerhouse is a proprietary controls platform designed by Powerhouse's boiler experts for the Powerhouse fleet of boilers and associated systems, providing PLC-based combustion controls, and interfacing with burner management systems (BMS) from any OEM.

Boiler Logix can control all aspects of the boiler process, starting from the feedwater system all the way to the exhaust stack to deliver accurate real-time measurements. All measurements are displayed on high-def 10-in. touchscreen interface to visually represent what is happening in the boiler process, making it easier for operators to monitor key operational and safety functions.

Additionally, Boiler Logix can be configured to send routine and non-routine notifications to selected mobile devices for efficient remote monitoring. Boiler Logix uses industry-standard Ethernet/IP, ModBus and BACnet communication protocols to enable quick integration with any facility-level DCS/SCADA system.


24/7 Monitoring

Boiler Logix measures and records key performance metrics 24/7. Alarms can be set up, and alerts can be raised if parameters are out of scope.

Alert Notifications


If something happens, you’ll be the first to know. We will keep you informed with an SMS or email should there be any issues in the boiler room. Immediately.

Historical Data


It’s helpful to know where you’ve been to plan where you’re going. We can provide monthly reports about things like cycle counts, temperature, run hours and more.

Limit downtown

Extend equipment life

Increase peace of mind