Auxiliary equipment for rental boilers

Our boiler equipment rentals offer substantial savings over new built-to-order parts. See our large stock of ready-to-ship equipment!

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Auxiliary Equipment

We support our large fleet of rental boilers with a complete line of rental auxiliary boiler equipment and boiler parts.

Powerhouse supports our large fleet of rental boilers with a complete line of rental auxiliary boiler equipment – and boiler parts – in multiple size ranges and configurations. Ready to ship immediately.

Boiler equipment rentals for fuel delivery, feedwater treatment, blowdown and much more – stocked for immediate delivery. These items are critical to your boiler plant and Powerhouse has them. Surplus boiler equipment parts and assemblies from leading manufacturers such as Cleaver Brooks and BFS Industries are available for immediate delivery.


Feedwater systems

Powerhouse Feedwater Systems are portable units that have been designed to run stand alone or in conjunction with one of our rental boilers. Standard designs of our Feedwater Systems include trailer-mounted on an open deck tag-along and containerized within 20’ or 53’ intermodal containers.

feedwater systems
heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

Powerhouse Heat Exchangers are designed to transfer the energy inherent in steam to a secondary fluid, typically water. They are frame mounted for easy transport and quick site connection.

Circulation pumps

Powerhouse Pump Systems are designed and built for easy transport and quick site connection to get a facility up and running as quickly as possible. Our pumps are either in-line or base-mounted and have capabilities up to 2,800 GPM.

circulation pumps