BFS Industries has been producing quality boiler support products for 65 years and is a trusted supplier of Powerhouse auxiliary equipment. Their equipment offerings include a complete line of the boiler room and diesel generator support equipment: deaerators, boiler feed and condensate systems, oil pumping systems, and control panels.

Company Background


Founded in 1946 by John Garbarino, BFS Industries remains a family-owned business to this day under the family’s third generation. BFS (Boiler Feed Systems) began as a small shop in Brooklyn, eventually expanding into a larger facility in Long Island and finally their current state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Butner, NC where they build and test all of their high quality products in this updated Butner, NC facility.

To this day, their ownership continues its tradition of excellent support and quality products used in our rental boilers.

Why BFS Industries?


The ownership group at BFS Industries has a long-standing history of excellent support and quality products that has made them a trusted and reputable partner for Powerhouse.

High Quality Construction


BFS Industries is one of the most reliable suppliers of deaerator tanks, feedwater tanks, and their accompanying systems in the industry. With constant testing and evaluation taking place at their North Carolina facility, you can be assured of high quality components from BFS.

Customer Service


The commitment to customer service that BFS Industries shows has always been second to none. Their team always delivers quick responses for designs and quotes, making them a go-to solution for many of our projects.

Fast Turnaround Times


The excellent communication BFS Industries operates with also allows us to stock several sizes of deaerator and feedwater tanks ready for immediate delivery. They are also able to reliably provide low lead times for custom build projects.

Factory Authorized Distributor Of BFS Industries Equipment


Powerhouse is a factory-authorized, stocking distributor for BFS Industries. This means that both our equipment line and in-stock boiler fleet are equipped with BFS components for immediate delivery. You will pay less for BFS Industries products from Powerhouse than anywhere else - and you won’t have to wait.

We guarantee all BFS Industries equipment with a comprehensive warranty so that you will have absolute certainty when it comes to installing and maintaining a reliable boiler system from Powerhouse.

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