New custom boilers: the boiler you need, without the middle-man

Our goal is to offer you a better way to buy your boiler. By offering our direct relationships with OEMs, superior service, and expert team we will help you to solve your boiler problems better, faster and less expensively. What more could you want?

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Most OEMs will only offer to sell you a new boiler through their Sales Representative network, adding an unnecessary middleman and costing you money. We want to fix this broken model. Powerhouse has partnered with Victory, allowing us to ‘private label’ their boilers and offer them to you directly at a significant discount. Even better, we can deliver them as custom-engineered solutions, specifically designed for your exact needs.

Powerhouse is also honored to be the North Carolina & South Carolina representative of Johnston Boiler Company, the oldest boiler manufacturer in the United States. Established in 1864, Johnston has consistently set the standard for quality, efficiency, and reliability in the industry. To demonstrate their commitment to excellence, Johnston offers the industry's best warranty, a 15-year guarantee on the pressure vessel. 

When you buy a custom boiler from Powerhouse, we will directly support the warranty on your boiler. This allows us to cut out the red tape and get your boilers fixed sooner and at a lower cost.

Why buy a Custom Boiler from Powerhouse?

PWR Icons less expensive

Save money by cutting out the middle-man

PWR Icons full factory warrantee and power house guarantee

Powerhouse’s industry leading warranty program

PWR Icons Use your existing auxiliary equipment

Relationships with many of the leading OEMs

New custom boilers for sale