PWR reconditioned used boilers are as good as new

Reconditioned Used Boilers are as Good as New

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Buying a new boiler can be expensive for any business. Such pieces of industrial machinery can be so expensive that you may have to forgo using a boiler at your facility, a move that is often out of the question. One way to help save costs on such a crucial item is by buying a reconditioned used boiler.

Powerhouse Boiler Equipment actually purchases a great deal of used boilers and reconditions them to work just like they were new, except that they are only a fraction of the cost. This is becoming an ideal method for companies to procure a boiler and is helping keep profits running at the highest capacity.

Powerhouse ensures that all reconditioned used boilers will work just like a brand new boiler. How can we make such a statement? Our used boilers are run through a series of tests and procedures to make sure that everything is operating in the best condition. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a boiler of the highest quality for a very reasonable cost.

After a detailed inspection that includes identifying missing components (both internally and externally), assessing the condition of the boiler’s casing and insulation, checking all the tubes, testing all the electrical components, and more, Powerhouse then goes about replacing many of the key elements within the boiler, including the gaskets, many of the tubes, the pressure controls, and often times the safety valves. Lastly, the boiler is cleaned throughout so that it maintains a new appearance.

Details about Powerhouse Equipment’s 28-point reconditioning procedure can help shed further light on how our boilers are refurbished. And in an effort to back up all that hard work, all reconditioned used boilers sold by Powerhouse Boiler Equipment come with a 1-year parts warranty. Not only does Powerhouse put their boilers under the most intense scrutiny possible, but we back up their product with a warranty. This is what separates Powerhouse from all the other boiler suppliers, and ensures that customers get the best quality reconditioned boilers possible.

In addition, Powerhouse boilers are all refurbished to the point that our boilers pass or exceed all of today’s challenging emissions standards, making them safe and well within the environmental demands of our times.

Powerhouse has the most experience in reconditioning used boilers and have the greatest supply of boilers available for purchase. This gives customers the choice of getting the perfect boiler right for their needs, and through our reconditioned used boilers, the opportunity to save big on such an expensive and critical product.

Factory safety is of the utmost importance in our modern world, and through reconditioning used boilers, Powerhouse has provided numerous boilers to companies and helped them saved thousands of dollars while also ensuring that such boilers are safe and efficient in use. If a boiler is in your business plans but you aren’t sure you can foot the bill for a new boiler, consider a reconditioned used boiler from Powerhouse Boiler Equipment. It will run just like new and help you save a great deal of money that can be invested in other areas of need within your company.

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