Why Skid Mounted Boilers?

Skid-mounted boilers are the ideal solution when the biggest job site concern is space. This packaged system on a single skid allows for maximum output from the smallest footprint. This solution is typically best for tight locations with at least some covering structure already in place.

Skid Mounted Boiler Advantages

Skid Mounted Boilers offer a lot for a little in return. They are very easy to maneuver due to the non-obstructed design. Without the typical enclosure around the equipment, maintenance, connections, and operation is simplified without sacrificing quality.

The single-skid mounted design also allows for optimized output at a lower cost and a small environmental footprint.

Skid Mounted Boiler Considerations

Although the Skid Mounted Boiler has a lot of advantages, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing or renting a Skid Mounted Boiler.

Without the container around the equipment, other weather protection must be provided for operators and equipment, if required. However, this is not a problem for larger sites that have natural coverage.

Additionally, there may be other pieces of equipment that are needed but not typically found on a skid-mounted boiler that must then be provided separately, using up more valuable footprint area and adding costs.

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