When a shutdown (emergency or planned) of your plant includes all the components to operate your boiler the only solution is a completely furnished Portable Boiler Room.

About Portable Boiler Rooms

A Portable Boiler Room model typically ranges in size from 50 HP to 1000 HP and includes all the equipment to successfully produce steam and/or hot water to your facility. The included equipment, depending on size, includes the boiler, the control system, safety devices, feedwater/deaerator system with feedwater pumps and feedwater valve, water treatment (softeners and/or chemical tank and pump), blowdown separator, and all the components required to run on either natural gas, #2 oil, or propane. The sizes of these systems vary from 20’ to 53’ containers, but all the equipment is pre-installed, pre-wired, and ready to go upon arrival.

Why Portable Boiler Rooms?

These units are the only choice for facilities where the outage includes more than just the boiler. Bring the power, fuel, and city water and these units will deliver high-quality steam and/or hot water quickly and efficiently.

Portable Boiler Room Advantages

If you have an emergency with your current boiler, then a Portable Boiler Room is the ideal solution for you.

A Portable Boiler Room is a complete stand-alone solution. All the necessary equipment is included, it is containerized with exterior connections, it arrives as a complete system with all operational controls, and it is protected from the outside elements. It even has the ability to operate on natural gas, #2 oil, or propane.

Portable Boiler Room Considerations

Although Portable Boiler Rooms have a lot of advantages, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing or renting a Portable Boiler Room.

It offers redundant equipment for facilities that have operating feedwater treatment and supply system. In addition, it has a larger footprint than other solutions, making it less environmentally friendly.

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