Is your shutdown (emergency or planned) nothing more than your boiler? Perhaps your site has a functioning water treatment system complete with feedwater pumps and the only piece of equipment that needs to be rented is the boiler. Do you need to rent a full PBR with a bunch of equipment you won’t use? In times like this, the “boiler in a box” is the ideal solution to provide exactly what is required to keep the facility in operation.

About Boiler in a Box

Boiler in a Box models are typically available in sizes ranging from 500 HP to 1000 HP and provides the essentials to operate the boiler including: the boiler, the control system, safety devices, modulating feedwater valve, blowdown separator, chemical tank and pump, and equipment and piping for running on either natural gas or #2 oil. Typically these units are provided in a smaller container (40’) to minimize the footprint required at the facility and provide more efficient transportation and installation.

Why Boiler in a Box?

Boiler in Box units are also a great solution for facilities that need extra steam in a time of high demand and have a sufficient feedwater system to supply the extra boiler with properly conditioned and treated feedwater. With adequate supply pressure, boiler in box units will self-modulate with the included feedwater valve to operate effectively with the existing power plant system, whether it be a single boiler or multiple boiler operations. These versatile units are ideal for sites that require minimum equipment, have limited space available, and need a weather-protected option for optimal performance.

Boiler in a box

Boiler in a Box Advantages

If you’re in need of a little extra steam, then a Boiler in a Box is the ideal solution for you. In addition to providing the extra steam your location needs, a Boiler in a Box has a lot of other advantages.

They are a complete system with all operational controls and require less amperage, which leads to lower utility costs. They also have a small overall environmental footprint with minimal drain/wastewater connections.

Since there is minimal equipment supplied in the container, a Boiler in a Box has a fast and simple installation. They are also compatible with almost every location since they have the ability to operate on natural gas or #2 oil.

Boiler in a Box Considerations

Although a Boiler in a Box has a lot of advantages, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing or renting a Boiler in a Box.

A second (cold) water input is required for blowdown tempering if you are disposing blowdown to sewer drain A Boiler in a Box also requires properly conditioned, treated, and pressurized feedwater and are dependent on exterior systems for operation. In Need of a Boiler in a Box?

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