May 15, 2019

Powerhouse is proud to announce that we had added another great partner, Energy Boilers, to our list of partners. Our partner network is different than the traditional rep network. No contracts, no set territories, no quotas - just a true partnership. We work to strengthen and maintain these partnerships to provide the best possible options to our valued customers. Our partners have the facilities, expertise and most importantly, the commitment to service that Powerhouse strives for. By having easy access to Powerhouse’s line of rentals, stock boilers and boiler equipment, our partners can provide everything their customers need. A full-service, one-stop shop for their customers.

Energy Boilers brings an international reach into our partner network with their extensive expertise in working with Central and South American businesses. Led by Sebastian De Los Rios and his two brothers, Energy Boiler is a new company focusing only on Mexico, the Caribbean and South America boiler sales and service. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Energy Boilers is able to offer Powerhouse products and services to their customers, while bringing their 10+ years of experience in the boiler business. Read more about Sebastian and the De Los Rios family and how their father created a successful boiler company in Columbia from nothing.

These partnerships are meant to last. Powerhouse is a service company first and this holds true with our partners.

About Energy Boilers

The team behind Energy Boilers has been a superior provider of boiler related services for more than 10 years, bringing with them the De Los Rios family’s lifetime of boiler experience. Now operated by Sebastian De Los Rios out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the business is looking to expand their offering to offer comprehensive boiler rental and sales to the region.

About Powerhouse

Powerhouse is a single-family-run, privately-held organization headquartered in Delanco, NJ. Powerhouse started in 1982 in Camden, NJ specializing in boiler repairs and parts sales. Today it maintains the newest and largest rental boiler fleet in North America. Its customers are primarily industrial facilities and large commercial institutions. Powerhouse maintains a workforce of over 90 dedicated employees. Powerhouse's state-of-the-art facilities allow for the building, maintaining and testing of its high-quality equipment. Powerhouse has built its reputation by providing top-quality equipment, paired with exceptional service.

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