April 1, 2017


As part of an ongoing concerted effort to establish a strong national brand footprint, Powerhouse will officially retire the Corn Service Co. brand as of Apr. 16th 2017. The Charlotte, NC area boiler equipment and services business was purchased by Powerhouse in February of 2016, with the intent of expanding the reach of east coast distribution and the size of its rental boiler fleet. Since the acquisition, Powerhouse has worked to integrate the Corn Service operations and team, and this brand integration is simply the final step of the process.

The move will have no effect on Corn Services current customers. The Corn Service team will remain unchanged, and Powerhouse will continue to support the many long-term relationships that Corn Service has built with its regional customers. In short, this is a change in name only, and our customers can expect “business as usual” from all fronts.

This transition is just one part of a larger effort to establish a stronger national footprint for Powerhouse, in terms of both distribution and brand reach. Aside from the Corn Service acquisition, Powerhouse is also building a Partner network of regional vendors and boiler specialists to extend services offering and regional sales reach. Big things are happening, so expect more exciting announcements soon!

About Corn Service

Founded in 1971 by Joe Corn, Corn Service has provided the Mid-South and SouthEast regions with high quality boiler service and boiler equipment. Corn has trained and maintained exceptional boiler talent including experienced service technicians, boilermakers, code welders and pipefitters.

About Powerhouse

Powerhouse is a single-family-run, privately-held organization headquartered in Delanco, NJ. Powerhouse started in 1982 in Camden, NJ specializing in boiler repairs and parts sales. Today it maintains the newest and largest rental boiler fleet in North America. Its customers are primarily industrial facilities and large commercial institutions. Powerhouse maintains a workforce of over 90 dedicated employees. Powerhouse's state-of-the-art facilities allows for the building, maintaining and testing its high quality equipment. Powerhouse has built its reputation by providing top quality equipment, paired with exceptional service.

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