Energy Boiler Co.

Powerhouse has sold, rented and serviced boilers in Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Jamaica, Aruba, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico and many other countries outside of the United States. We have always had a trusted partner who has detailed knowledge of this market. Sebastian and Energy Boiler Company are our new partner and they are here to stay. 

Sebastian is in his 20’s but grew up in the boiler business. Working for the father, a lifetime boiler technician, Sebastian and his 2 brothers, Julian and Daniel, learned the only way you can - by working on boilers. Now Sebastian, with the support of his family, have taken their company from Columbia to the United States. Energy Boiler offers turn-key boiler service and expert product selection. They can offer all Powerhouse stock boilers and rental boilers to their customers.

1434 NE 5th Ave, Ste #3
Fort Lauderdale , Florida
33304 united states