Portable Boiler Room

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350 HP boiler

12,075 PPH steam or 1,100 GPM hot water output

Tri-fuel capable

natural gas, #2 oil, and propane

Single point positioning control

With Boiler Link controls

With 30 ppm NOx and a fully modulating burner, the RH-350 will deliver high quality steam efficiently and reliably.

Specs portable boiler room RH350

Technical specifications

Service boiler

Saturated Steam ; Hydronic Hot Water

Output capacity (PPH)

1208 - 12075

Operating Pressure (MAWP) - PSI

40 - 250

Boiler Type



Natural Gas ; #2 Oil ; LPG

Emission Rating

30 ppm

Boiler solution

Portable Boiler Room ~

Versatile boiler with high output

If the versatility of the RH-250 is desired but a little more output is required then Powerhouse has the answer, the RH-350.

This complete portable boiler room includes

  • boiler & burner package
  • control systems and panels
  • fuel handling equipment
  • water softeners
  • feedwater tank and pumps
  • chemical tanks and pumps
  • steam to hot water heat exchanger
  • 1000 gallon oil tank
  • blowdown separator
  • maintenance accessibility all within a 40' container

All connections are made on the outside of the container for quick delivery and connection at the job site. 

RH-350 Walkthrough

Follow our lead boiler tech as he walks you through the RH-350.

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