Rental Programs

We pride ourselves in doing whatever it takes to help our clients solve their boiler and steam needs. Our flexible boiler rental programs and payment options mean that we have an option that will fit with your situation.

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Short Term Rentals

Our short term rental programs allow you to get the steam you need, without the need for any long term commitments. Perfect for emergencies, our boiler equipment can be on-site in as few and 24 hours, for as little as one week, with the option to extend for as long as you need. Our goal is to offer flexible lease terms without the annoying automatic rental terminations so common in the industry

✔ Flexible

✔ Fast

✔ No Automatic Terminations
Long Term Rentals

The long term rental programs allow you to get the equipment you need at a discount by committing to a longer contract, both saving you money, and locking in a rate that is protected against market pricing increases. All long term rentals come with our industry leading warranty and maintenance program, ensuring that you have same high quality equipment that was originally provided

✔ Lock in Your Rate

✔ Discounted Based on Long Term Contract

✔ Full Warranty and Maintenance Program

Flexible Payment Terms

Powerhouse offers flexible payment terms to its customers, allowing many different extended and back-loaded rental arrangements. This is a great option for contractors and vendors serving contracts with long payment terms, allowing them to provide the superior products and services that Powerhouse offers, without having to pay out of pocket before payment has been received

✔ Don’t Pay Out of Pocket

✔ Pay on Your Terms
Contingency Planning

We want to help make sure that you have a backup plan for whatever emergencies or opportunities comes your way. Powerhouse can provide a custom contingency program for the exact capacities required, ensuring that the equipment you need is ready when you need it

✔ Plan Ahead!

✔ Have Equipment Ready When You Need It

✔ Consult with the Experts
Steam as a Utility

This unique program allows Powerhouse to be your steam utility provider. Purchase the amount of steam you need and we will supply all of the equipment, fuel, and personnel needed to produce it, and handle the long term upkeep of the boiler. This option is perfect for those used to buying steam from a local utility that’s no longer available. Plans are available in 5, 10, and 20 year long contracts.

✔ Simple

✔ Pay for Only What You Need

✔ Out-source Operation & Maintenance