Portable Boiler Room

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1000 HP boiler

34,500 PPH steam output

Tri-fuel capable

Natural gas, #2 oil, and propane

Parallel positioining control

With CB Hawk ICS

With 30 ppm NOx and a fully modulating, high turndown integral burner, the RH-1000 will deliver high quality steam effficiently and reliably.

A complete solution for massive steam needs

This complete portable boiler room includes the boiler with burner and complete combustion control package, fuel handling equipment, electrical switchgear, and feedwater treatment with storage, preheat and pumping. The boiler and all components are wired, piped and interconnected within a well lit and heated steel container that can be hauled anywhere.



Specs portable boiler room RH1000

Technical specifications

Service boiler

Saturated Steam

Output capacity (PPH)

5150 - 34500

Operating Pressure (MAWP) - PSI

100 - 200

Boiler Type



Natural Gas ; #2 Oil ; LPG

Emission Rating

30 ppm

Boiler solution

Portable Boiler Room ~



The most advanced rental boiler ever made

Pushing the boundaries of portable boilers

This boiler has 1,000 hp, 34,500 pph steam output, and high-flow hot water output at high pressures, and is capable of burning natural gas, LPG, and #2 oil. The Powerhouse RH-1000 also features a fully modulating boiler with high turndown, 30ppm NOx emissions and a removable chassis.

Easy to hook up and maintain

All connections are made on outside of the portable boiler room allowing for rapid delivery and interconnection at the job site. Included is an advanced chemical treatment system and automatic boiler blowdown, which minimize the maintenance required to operate the unit.

Powerhouse designed and built the most advanced rental boiler ever made.

This complete portable boiler room includes

  • boiler & burner package
  • control systems and panel
  • fuel handling equipment
  • electrical switchgear
  • water softeners
  • deaerator tank
  • feedwater pumps
  • chemical tanks and pumps
  • blowdown separator
  • maintenance accessibility

All connections are made on the outside of the container for quick delievery and connection at the jobsite. 

Making the Worlds Largest Portable Boiler Room

The Powerhouse 1000 Horse Power Portable Boiler Project began in 2014 with a desire to build a bigger and better unit than was currently available.

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