Industrial boiler rentals offer a short-term or temporary solution to meet your steam or hot water demand. If there’s an emergency or increased demand, a rental boiler can make sure your facility is running smoothly and efficiently.

We’ve created the essential guide for someone considering a rental boiler. In this article, we will discuss the reasons to rent an industrial boiler, the different types of rental boilers and how to determine and select the right rental boiler for you.

When to rent an industrial boiler

Many companies face a difficult decision: Should we rent a boiler or should we buy a boiler? If you decide to purchase a commercial boiler, should you purchase a new boiler or save some money by buying a used boiler? Powerhouse has worked with many companies over the years to solve this problem. While the needs of every company are different, we’ve found there are four key reasons why a company should rent an industrial boiler.

Use a Temporary Solution When You Need Emergency Boiler Services

Even though a facility may do everything right and follow a preventative maintenance plan perfectly, emergencies in the boiler room do happen. Ranging from a crack in the boiler shell to complete boiler failure, a portable boiler room rental can get your facility back up and running quickly.

At Powerhouse, we can deliver and install a portable boiler room within hours. Custom designed to meet your short or long-term needs, we’re committed to keeping downtime to a minimum at your business. One of the biggest benefits of renting an industrial boiler is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing the plant is fully operational when performing major boiler repairs.

Perform Industrial Boiler Maintenance to Continually Run a Smooth Operation

All boiler room equipment performs best when maintained properly, which includes following a maintenance checklist filled with daily, monthly, periodical and annual tasks. During annual jurisdictional checks, industrial boilers are brought out of service for deeper inspection and cleaning. During this time, a rental boiler can be shipped and installed quickly to minimize downtime in steam production. Your boilers need to be safe and reliable, and boiler rentals help make this possible.


Meet Peak Demand without Impeding the Process

There are times when your facility experiences demand above the normal output required. This could be due to seasonal changes, business growth and/or changes in production processes. Long lead times for boiler equipment may hinder current growth, so a rental solution can help alleviate the bottleneck. Adding temporary support to your permanent solution can allow the plant to successfully meet the increased demand. Another option to reduce long lead times would be to order a new stock boiler, which we can deliver to your site within days, not months.

Minimize Capital Expenditure

Boiler equipment is very expensive and typically has lengthy lead times, partly due to the extensive amount of planning required. Meanwhile, rental boilers allow operations to continue without breaking your budget or projected timeline. You can rent a boiler for any period of time to give yourself greater flexibility.

What are the different types of rental boilers?

Rental boilers provide a short-term or temporary solution to provide an additional steam output when a facility experiences an emergency shutdown or needs to meet increased demand. There are four types of rental boilers, so make sure you contact our experts to source the right one. After all, rental boilers are our specialty at Powerhouse.

Portable Boiler Room

Portable boiler rooms, or mobile boiler rooms, are fully enclosed rental boiler systems that contain all of the required equipment for full operation. This includes the boiler, water treatment, feedwater pre-heat and storage, draining, safety systems, controls and piping. Portable boiler rooms range from 50 HP - 1000 HP.

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Boiler in a Box

Boiler in a Box rentals come in smaller packages than portable boiler rooms but still operate at high operating pressures to provide high-quality steam. Boiler in a Box range from 500 HP - 1000 HP and are also a fully enclosed rental boiler system that includes a boiler, feedwater valve, draining system, safety systems, controls and piping.

Skid Mounted Boiler

Trailer Mounted Boiler

Trailer mounted boilers are mounted and installed on an open deck trailer with all piping and required safety controls for full operation. These types of rental boilers include both firetube and watertube boilers with outputs ranging from 650 HP to 2,391 HP. Trailer mounted boilers can operate in any type of weather and offers convenience and easy mobility.

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Skid Mounted Boiler

Skid mounted boilers are any packaged boiler system that is mounted for installation inside of a facility. Compactly designed, skid mounted boilers handle small industrial loads, and even come in all-electric versions!

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Download our Powerhouse Rental Boiler Guide. This PDF will inform you about the rental boilers that Powerhouse carries along with their specifications.

Which Boiler Rental is Right for You?

Now that you know the different types of rental boilers, it’s important to determine which one is the right one for you. We’ve compiled a list of questions to help you get started. However, we always recommend you talk to one of our specialists.

Do you need full weather protection?

Does your current need include the ability to soften, treat and preheat the makeup water?

If so, Portable Boiler Rooms are the ideal solution.

Do you need to pressurize the feedwater to the boiler because your feedwater pump is out of commission?

If so, Portable Boiler Rooms are the ideal solution.

Is your feedwater system (water softeners, deaerator, feedwater pump and other treatment systems) fully operational?

If so, Boiler in a Box or Trailer Mounted Boilers are a great fit.

Is your steam demand greater than 34,500 PPH or hot water demand greater than 35MMBTU/hr?

If so, our Trailed Mounted Watertube Boilers are able to produce up to 82,500 PPH of steam or 82 MMBTU/hr. These boilers are designed and built to output either high pressure steam or hydronic hot water.

Do you need superheated steam that meets 750 psig at 750 degreesFahrenheit?

If so, check out our Superheated Steam boilers.

How to choose a boiler rental company

Building a rental boiler is no easy task. Many companies just find an old boiler, throw it in a trailer and call it a Portable Boiler Room. But don’t let the fancy paint job fool you. It’s what’s under the hood that matters, and too often, these boilers will not meet expectations.

Unfortunately, we have seen bad rental boilers in the field for years; boilers that are cheaply built, under-perform and are out-of-date, all of which can be extremely dangerous.

If you are in the market for a rental boiler, it is crucial to research not only the boiler you need, but also the company you are renting from. We can help you with that.

How it Works with Powerhouse

We have learned that the needs of boilers change constantly. Some plants were designed for a much higher demand than is currently being used while other facilities have grown far beyond the original boiler room’s capability. Every facility and every job is unique, and it is our job to work with you to find the perfect solution.

We have built a team of steam and boiler experts to help every customer get the right solution the first time. Our sales team will not just ask what you need but why. When necessary, we’ll call in our engineers to assist in equipment selection, plant troubleshooting and general guidance. All of our employees contain expert technical knowledge on our equipment and projects to ensure we provide you with the best solution to meet your boiler needs.

In order to deliver the best experience, we institute a rigorous yet unrivaled process to rent boilers. Following these six steps, you’re sure to get the right boiler for you:

  1. Our sales engineer will speak with you about your project and requirements. Sometimes a site visit may be necessary to get the full picture.
  2. The salesman will connect with our engineering team to get any additional technical support.
  3. We’ll take the information from these initial conversations and develop a proposal to meet your needs, including installation, start-up, training or operating services.
  4. After you’ve had a chance to review, we’ll offer technical knowledge and advice on any issues or problems with the initial proposal.
  5. Now that we’re all on board, we arrange the shipment of the rental boiler to the site.
  6. Just because we delivered the boiler, it doesn’t mean our work is done. We’ll stay connected with you to make sure your boiler is running smoothly. At any time during this process, you should know that we answer our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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The Powerhouse promise

Our specialty is boiler rentals, but we’re so much more than that. We are a full-service boiler company that is committed to finding the right solution that meets your business needs. In addition to boiler rentals, we have a stock of both new and used boilers that have been refurbished if you’re looking for a more permanent solution. We can even build custom equipment to your exact specifications. At the end of the day, we’re boiler experts and you’re always welcome to talk boilers to us.

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