February 5, 2019

The Empire State Building needed help. They needed a rental boiler.

Well, the Empire State Building had never required a rental boiler before. They have had experience being attacked by the likes of King-Kong, but a rental boiler – what the heck is that?! In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the Empire State building was without power for some time and without steam, which the only needed for you know, heat. And with temperatures dipping below 40 degrees, they needed a solution.

How do you heat the entire Empire State Building? Only one way – with the World’s Largest Portable Boiler Room. You give it city water, fuel and electric and you got your heat – and oh by the way – it only takes up a single lane of traffic (could’ve fit on the sidewalk it weren’t for the scaffolding – but hey, building improvements are a good thing). Powerhouse is the only company that has these boiler rooms and we got the call.

Timothy J. Clancy, Director of Operations at the Empire State Building Company, LLC, made the request:

“This matter is extremely important to protect the iconic Empire State Building in this time of great tragedy in New York City.”

Powerhouse delivered the PBR to the Empire State Building immediately to the Empire State Building in ready-to-fire condition, as requested.

Mr. Clancy had this to say about Powerhouse’s efforts:

“In one of the worst storms in New York history, Powerhouse was able to supply and deliver an 800 HP Portable Boiler Room within 24 hours of the request. A great job and excellent customer service and follow up.”

While we hope there is never another outage at the Empire State Building, we took our responsibility to protect this American landmark seriously and were satisfied we were able to provide equipment to protect it.

As is always our goal, Mr. Clancy summed up his experience with Powerhouse:

“When I need steam I will know who to call!”

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