August 12, 2019


Powerhouse’s boilers are used around the world to produce exciting, elemental and extraordinary products everyday. We are constantly amazed by what our customers are doing with our boilers. Our hope is that by providing a quality line of new boilers and a large variety of used boilers, they can keep their operation running and leave the boiler concerns to the Experts.

Boilers And Fish


Recently, Bluewave Marine Ingredients, was looking for a reliable, reconditioned boiler for their growing operation in Lima, Peru. Lima is a hotbed for fish oil production and Bluewave was looking to capitalize on its revolutionary and patented, production techniques. Mark Rottman, COO, and the team at Bluewave were looking to keep their costs down so they could spend money on important things like running their business. Larry Erdman, sales engineer at Powerhouse, was able to talk with Mark and understand their exact load requirements for the present and future needs.

Powerhouse maintains a large fleet of ready-to-ship, reconditioned boilers. Powerhouse shipped a Cleaver Brooks 800HP boiler in near-new condition with a 1 year warranty direct to Lima, Peru, meeting Bluewave’s tight timetable. The boiler was installed quickly, started immediately and has performed process critical operation since day 1. Helping our customers meet their goals is why we are here. We did it in this case – Read Mark’s testimonial here.

Bluewave’s Hydrolyzed Fish Protein

The Bluewave Factory in Lima, PeruBluewave has been busy. Performing advanced manufacturing techniques (which are way beyond the realm of my understanding), they have been able to bring new and exciting products to market, which are set to make a big splash in the nutrition market.

Read more here – Bluewave: Hydrolyzed fish protein set for US sports nutrition splash

To find out more about Bluewave, their exciting products and commitment to the environment, please visit their website:

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