A power utility company's most important yearly project is to generate essential warm water during the colder months of the year in local intercoastal waterways where manatees are known to migrate and congregate. When issues arose at their plants this past season, an immediate need was presented to provide a solution to keep the water above the required heat threshold.

The Problem

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The power utility company began experiencing outages at two different Florida-based plants that prevented them from meeting the hot water requirements for the health of their local manatees. These manatees need water temperatures above 20oC/68oF to survive. Both plants, one at Ft. Meyers and the other at Juno Beach, house the essential hot water circulation loops for their respective areas, requiring any solution to be quick, complete, and able to provide a substantial amount of energy.

The Solution


Powerhouse was called on to solve this problem, and proposed temporary portable boiler room solutions for each location. Both solutions would include heat exchangers, pumps, and other auxiliary equipment for a complete, large-scale solution.

One of the more interesting wrinkles of this project was that the water would be pulled from the local lagoons, heated up with steam in the heat exchangers, and pumped back into the lagoon to keep the manatees safe and warm for the winter.

The Results

With a robust plan in place, Powerhouse was able to assist with sizing, layout, selection, connection, start-up, and support during both projects to make sure that the equipment performed exactly as required.

At Ft. Myers, our RH-800 Portable Boiler Room was installed to provide a total output of 1600 GPM of water over the course of two months. The larger Juno Beach location required one of our larger models, the RH-1000 Portable Boiler Room, to provide 6000 GPM of water for five months.

As a result of the rigorous planning, quick service, and quality products, all parties involved were relieved to see the manatees successfully warmed throughout the winter.


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