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Emergency Boiler For Rail Car Offloading

The Challenge

In the bustling city of Toronto, a start-up specializing in railcar offloading found itself confronted with a critical challenge. The company needed a robust steam solution at their newly acquired facility to offload food oil from railcars and subsequently clean the same railcars. The project was intricate due to Ontario's strict regulations regarding the qualifications required to operate boilers of certain sizes. This, along with the steam demand necessary to meet their production goals, posed a significant hurdle when it came to equipment sizing.

The Journey

Working with the customer, our engineering team, and our partners in the area, we were able to assist the customer in designing a manifold system that allowed them to run Low Pressure Steam, at a capacity large enough to meet their demand. When TSSA inspection was taking longer than anticipated, our partner in the area was able to provide them with temporary operators to get them up and running, all while completing TSSA requirements on the boilers.

The Total Solution

The tailored solution consisted of two RH-150 Portable boiler rooms linked to a custom-designed manifold. This solution met the start-up's requirements and ensured compliance with the stringent regulations of Ontario's TSSA. The start-up was able to offload food oil and clean the railcars without disruption.

Just as we assisted this railcar offloading start-up in overcoming their unique challenges, we stand ready to assist your company in an emergency.