April 28, 2022

International Power Technology is a longtime developer of steam-injection gas turbine technology for power plant operations. Since 1974, International Power Technology has researched and commercialized their co-developed steam-powered turbine known as the Cheng Cycle. These systems are well-known for having both greater fuel efficiency than earlier water-injected models and a longer lifespan due to the less damaging effects of steam.

With steam power being critical to their operations, International Power Technology needed a fast and effective backup solution when the original boiler at their SRI cogeneration facility.

The Problem


The SRI cogeneration facility was originally built by International Power Technology in 1988. Since its construction, the company has been responsible for the operations, maintenance, field service, and engineering services of the plant and the Cheng Cycle technology that powers it.

The SRI facility’s Cheng Cycle turbines had been powered by a 1976 Nebraska backup boiler since they were built, but this boiler needed to undergo a comprehensive retubing procedure. This would mean the plant would risk running without emergency steam power for an extended period of time, so finding a temporary backup steam supply was essential to their business operations.

The Solution

Because the main export of the SRI cogeneration facility is power, International Power Technology required a substantially powerful backup boiler. Powerhouse met this need by supplying its RH-800 portable boiler room at a competitive price. The massive, 800HP output of the boiler and its backup steam supply would ensure the facility could operate without worry while its original Nebraska backup boiler underwent repairs.

In addition to this need for output, International Power Technology’s situation also called for a fast, flexible solution given the importance of steam to their operations. The portable boiler room supplied by Powerhouse was able to provide this, as its all-in-one design meant it came equipped with all the necessary auxiliary and operational equipment to have their temporary backup steam supply up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Powerhouse was a great company to work with, I had long delays due to regulatory issues and they were very understanding and helpful at every turn.

William Irvin ,
International Power Technology

The Results


Despite several regulatory and permitting issues that delayed the project on multiple occasions, Powerhouse worked closely with International Power Technology and the SRI facility to successfully provide setup and operational training for the RH-800, as well as assistance with all specifications required by regulatory bodies in California.

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