Two Long Term Boiler Installations for an Energy Company

The Problem

Powerhouse had been performing maintenance and repairs on two rental boilers that were steadily becoming less and less reliable and experiencing more frequent issues and failures. The undependable performance of the existing boilers was causing concerns with the ability to provide the steam required by the plant to feed the campus loop.

It was at this time that the facility decided it was time to find a more permanent and robust solution with reliable and trouble-free equipment that could be properly monitored with integrated PLC controls that could tie into their main BCS.

The Solution

Powerhouse was able to offer two reliable Cleaver Brook and Nebraska 75,000 PPH watertube boilers with BoilerLink PLC controls to Constellation Energy who executed a new long term lease for delivery and installation. These units were installed on a new concrete pad and connections were made for full integration into the current plant system.

The equipment provided included boilers and burners connected with Boiler Link, heat tracing and insulation on piping and a stand-by heating system to prevent freeze damage, and a condensate receiver and pump set.

The Result

The two Powerhouse boilers have been running since start-up with full reliability, reducing the risk of any downtime or process interruptions. The WT-75 boilers are able to be remotely monitored through Boiler Link and are always ready to assist the plant with any steam load demand that exceeds plant capacity.

These units will remain on site for the foreseeable future to provide additional capacity to the facility as needed, when needed.

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