A Portable Boiler Room for a Local Utility Company


A local utility company collects and treats wastewater as well as distributes fresh drinking water in the District of Columbia area. They have a large facility with a variety of processes, treatments, and equipment continually running to provide all their services to their customers.

The Problem

The cold temperatures of winter in the DC area was a big concern of operators and scientists for the highly valuable bacteria in large holding tanks at the facility. Complicating the demands of the tank was the restriction on the equipment to be used per the current air permit of the location, which the DOEE requires to be mechanically limited to 5 MMBTU/HR.

With various unknowns and numerous obstacles, Powerhouse was contacted to help design a workable system and provide the necessary equipment.

The Solution

dc water image

Powerhouse’s internal engineering team designed a hot water heating coil system to work with the onboard heat exchanger of the RH-150 portable boiler room to deliver efficient heating to the large tank of water. The coil system was able to be built on-site and lowered into the tank to provide a method of heat transfer without contamination of the water in the tank.

The Powerhouse was also able to mechanically limit the input of the RH-150 to 5 MMBTU/HR to stay within the current air permit of the facility. With a few part changes to the burner, the unit was modified to limit the firing rate per DOEE requirements.

The Result

Powerhouse was able to provide the engineering, design, and equipment to ensure the bacteria survived the cold winter months.

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