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Engineering and testing a steam injection system for 4D theater's immersive effects

Powerhouse provided engineering support and a full-service setup to test a 4d Theater's steam injected delivery effects system.

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April 28, 2022

A 4D movie theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, incorporates additional senses and effects into the movie-going experience to immerse their audience in the film.

The Problem

The theater was designing a custom delivery effect system and needed support on the steam injection system that helps deliver effects. They reached out to Powerhouse for an engineering consultation, and to temporarily install an entire boiler setup to test their system. Because this was a test of a temporary install, there were no connections or resources available, so Powerhouse had to set up everything needed for a boiler test.

The Solution

Powerhouse provided an engineering consultation on the design and provided the equipment for the physical system test, including a portable boiler room RH-150 boiler rental, full piping installation, a temporary water holding tank, an oil tank, an electrical generator, as well as a fulltime boiler operator. Powerhouse installed, operated, and uninstalled all of the components, making it a seamless operation for the theater.

The Results

The full-scale testing of the steam injected system provided proof that the design was solid, allowing the theater to move ahead with their plans for their custom delivery effects system.

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