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Bonesaw Brewery Skid Mounted Boiler Case Study

Bonesaw Brewery

The Problem Bonesaw is a brand new brewery in Glassboro, NJ that needed a reliable boiler for their brewing processes. We were contacted late in the project so meeting fast deadlines was a concern as the building construction was underway. The building was designed for future expansion with the ability to add additional equipment to double production when ready.

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DC Water Portable Boiler Room Case Study

DC Water

DC Water collects and treats wastewater as well as distributes fresh drinking water in the District of Columbia area. They have a large facility with a variety of processes, treatments, and equipment continually running to provide all their services to their customers.

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Constellation Energy Watertube Boilers

Constellation Energy

The Problem Powerhouse had been performing maintenance and repairs on two rental boilers that were steadily becoming less and less reliable and experiencing more frequent issues and failures. The undependable performance of the existing boilers was causing concerns with the ability to provide the steam required by the plant to feed the campus loop.

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Concord Steam Boiler Rental Case Study

Concord Steam

For over 80 years, Concord Steam has provided steam to the New Hampshire State House and other State Government buildings in Concord, New Hampshire. However, due to the appeal of natural gas and its lower prices, the last-of-its-kind wood fired boiler plant is shutting down its Concord operations for good.

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EnviTec Biogas Skaneateles, NY

EnviTec Biogas

EnviTec Biogas, Germany’s first biogas plant manufacturer, has its U. S. operations located in Skaneateles, NY. EnviTec works with farmers to build biogas production plants and establish another revenue stream for the farm. Because energy generated from biogas is not subject to price fluctuations, it represents a reliable revenue source for farmers.

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SCI Muncy Portable Boiler Room Case Study

SCI Muncy

Originally constructed in 1913, SCI Muncy is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania women’s prison operating under the state’s Department of Corrections. This facility, located in Muncy, PA, is a medium/maximum security facility for adult female offenders and is comprised of 76 operational buildings located on nearly 800 acres of land.

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SCI Chester

SCI Chester

SCI Chester is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania men’s prison within the state’s Department of Corrections. The facility was constructed in 1998 for nearly $74 million with an annual operating budget of $36 million as a 1,175 bed medium-security prison for inmates with a documented substance abuse history.

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ACTS Retirement Life Communities

ACTS Retirement Life Communities

ACTS Retirement Life Communities operates 21 senior living facilities throughout the east coast from their West Point, PA headquarters. Recently, the organization began replacing three Weil McLain boiler units they have on site at their Cokesbury Village location with three new Weil McLain 1888 hot water boiler units.

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Combined Mechanical Industries Portable Boiler Room Case Study

Combined Mechanical Industries

Originally founded 14 years ago, Combined Mechanical Industries LLC (CMI) provides mechanical contracting services including piping, stainless steel welding, HVAC construction, and kitchen and refrigeration services to commercial facilities in the Chicago area. One of CMI’s primary customers is Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

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International Power Technology SRI Plant Location

International Power Technology

International Power Technology is a longtime developer of steam-injection gas turbine technology for power plant operations. Since 1974, International Power Technology has researched and commercialized their co-developed steam-powered turbine known as the Cheng Cycle.

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Rochdale Village Apartment Complex

Rochdale Village, a 7,000 unit apartment complex located in Queens New York has its own power plant that provides electricity, chilled water, and steam for heat and hot water to all of its tenants. Several of the power plant’s boilers needed repairs that would require shutting down the complex’s steam supply.

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West Point Military Academy Boiler Solution

A Boiler Emergency at West Point Military Academy

At Powerhouse, we’ve just about seen it all when it comes to commercial and industrial boilers and boiler installation problems. So, imagine our surprise when the facilities team at the U. S. Military Academy West Point brought us something we rarely ever see: a rental boiler installation site not accessible by the road.

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The First Ever 1,000 HP Complete Rental Boiler

Powerhouse Builds First Ever 1,000 HP Rental Boiler - A Complete Portable Boiler Room

When Powerhouse first pioneered the RH-800, it was the largest capacity boiler ever outfitted into a complete portable boiler room.  It took more than a year of R&D and lots and lots of trial and error. We thought that was hard. The RH-1000 is the most challenging rental boiler ever designed and constructed.

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Powerhouse Rental Boiler at DIA

Denver International Airport Rents Boiler to supply Hot Water to all Terminals and New Hotel

Situation During a routine maintenance operation, Denver International Airport (DIA) discovered that the boiler tubes on their main unit were in need of repair. This would require the unit to be down for an extended period of time, which would impact the heating of the facility.

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Powerhouse Rental Boiler arriving at Aruba Port Authority

Rental Boilers at Large Oil Refinery Refinery in Aruba

Situation One of the largest oil refineries in the Caribbean is located on the island of Aruba. This refinery, which processes 235,000 barrels a day of lower-cost, heavy sour crude oil, had suspended operations citing "unfavorable refinery economics and the outlook for continued unfavorable refinery economics.

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Rental Boilers on site

Powerhouse Rental Boilers at DTE Trenton Stacks in Trenton Michigan

Situation Having been completed in 1924, DTE Energy’s iconic “Trenton Stacks” power plant has been utilizing coal as its fuel source ever since its inception. With newer technologies and cleaner fuels available, environmental regulatory agencies began pushing to have the power plant curtail and eventually cease burning coal.

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Sam Adams Brewery Boiler Emergency

Samuel Adams is one of Nation’s premier brewers of craft beers. Their annual production is over 6 million barrels. They produce over 30 types of craft beer and distribute their brand all over the world. In 2008, Boston Beer Company, the parent of Sam Adams Beer, took over the Schaefer Brewery, in Foglesville, PA.

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Powerhouse Rental Boiler in Philadelphia

Veolia (Trigen) Temporary District Heating

Veolia (Trigen-Philadelphia) is the owner / operator of the Philadelphia District Heating loop. Veolia provides steam to its customers in Philadelphia as a public utility and bills based on meter readings. Since these customers depend on steam and don’t have their own boiler rooms, Powerhouse is called upon to provide temporary steam during repair outages.

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Borgata Hotel and Casino

Emergency Rental at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City NJ

The Borgata Hotel and Casino is a full service casino resort located in Atlantic City, NJ. They run the heating systems for the entire facility on a High Temperature Hot Water loop provided by the nearby Marina Energy Thermal Facility. When an expansion joint in the 36” HTHW loop failed, the facility was left without heat and hot water going into one of the coldest weeks of the year.

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