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Boiler in a box reduces power plant fossil fuels operation

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July 11, 2023

Powerhouse rented a boiler in a box to a power station, allowing them to ramp down fossil station operations during periods of low demand.

A power station in New York State serves power that it generates with steam and natural gas to a well-populated area of New York. Naturally, keeping the plant running smoothly is a priority, as well as properly balancing the load during periods of high or low demand, to reduce waste.

The Problem

During times of low demand, the power plant wanted an alternative to using fossil fuels to reduce waste and preserve the fuel they had on hand, as a matter of prioritizing resources. Powerhouse had originally rented a trailer mounted boiler to the power station for years, until the plant went with another boiler provider. In 2018, Powerhouse met with management from the power station and proposed a boiler-in-a-box, the BB-800 unit, as the superior solution to their needs.

The Solution

The power station rented the unit and Powerhouse handled all startup operations, making sure the boiler was online and functioning smoothly. The boiler allows the power station to reduce fossil fuel consumption during periods of low demand and rely on the steam generation to meet the power needs of their customers.

The Results

The Boiler in a box BB-800 unit has been as successful and reliable, if not more, than the trailer mounted unit at providing the power station the necessary steam it needs for seasonal heating and steam tracing, and we have been selected more often than not as a result of our familiar equipment and pricing, in addition to the continued reliability, maintenance, and support that Powerhouse provides.

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