Victory VSM-75-84SH

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The Victory Voyager series is an O-Type watertube boiler which are large capacity boilers providing rapid ramp up rates for quick output and industrial performance for the harshest conditions. This boiler is constructed to ASME Section I code for superheated steam and comes with a Faber Burner capable of producing 75,000 PPH of steam rated up to 750 PSIG and 750°F.

This boiler was purchased brand new from Victory in 2019 with a new Faber Burner and will soon join the rental fleet. Due to our strict processes and constant maintenance, this boiler will be kept in excellent condition for both rental and sale.



Victory Energy

Boiler Type

Water tube

Output Capacity

7,500 - 75,000 PPH
Max Pressure 150 - 750 PSIG
Fuel(s) #2 Oil, Natural Gas
Service Saturated Steam, Superheat Steam
Emission Rating 30 ppm

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