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Emergency boiler rental helps fertilizer plant get up and running

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April 28, 2022

Powerhouse rented a boiler in a box to a power station, allowing them to ramp down fossil station operations during periods of low demand.

Buddy’s Plant Plus, in Ballinger, Texas, produces branded fertilizer and lawn care products for partner companies, including MiracleGro. They are one of the largest producers of soluble commercial fertilizer in the country. Given the amount of product that they produce each day, keeping the plant up and running is crucial to their business operations.

The Problem

Buddy’s Plant Plus uses a boiler to shrink labels onto MiracleGro canisters and shrink Osmocote fertilizer bottles. To keep up with demand of packaging needed for their fertilizers, the boiler needs to be up and running at all times. Previously, existing boilers would fail before new boilers were due to arrive, leaving the plant in shutdown mode, which costs an extraordinary amount of money. This happened again, and Buddy’s Plant Plus reached out to Powerhouse to find an emergency solution.

The Solution

Powerhouse recommended a 50 horsepower boiler rental, and was able to transport the boiler to the location that weekend. However, there was a snag. Buddy’s Plant Plus did not have the adequate KW to feed the 600 amps needed to power the boiler. So our technicians got to work and were able to detune the boiler for a 250 amp capacity, integrating the new boiler seamlessly into the plant’s systems.

The Results

Because Powerhouse was so quick with the emergency rental, Buddy’s Plant Plus was able to get up and running quicker than anticipated, saving valuable time and money that would have been lost to long shutdown.

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