Denver International Airport

The Situation


During a routine maintenance operation, Denver International Airport (DIA) discovered that the boiler tubes on their main unit were in need of repair. This would require the unit to be down for an extended period of time, which would impact the heating of the facility. With fall (the heating season) fast approaching and over 150,000 travelers daily, DIA was faced with exploring temporary solutions to sustain operations during the complex repairs to their existing unit.

Rob Saltzman, Operations and Facilities Manager at DIA, began to research several boiler companies that could support a large portable hot water boiler system. During the search, DIA came in contact with Powerhouse, who responded immediately to their needs. "I have never had a better or quicker response from a vendor" Operations and Facilities Manager, Rob Saltzman, said. "It made me feel like we were in good hands, and I felt that we were going to be working with the right people. At that point, I stopped contact with the other vendors regarding this project."

The Solution


The temporary requirements for DIA were unique based on the need for 230F water and 60,000,000 BTUs. Since a standard boiler package would not meet this need, DIA initially considered using a large steam boiler and heat exchanger combination. However, it soon became apparent this would not only drive the cost up, but they also did not have the space required for this setup and would need a more tailored option. Their ideal solution would take into account the footprint constraints and provide the BTUs and temperature required. Boilers with those features and size are not readily available for sale and certainly not for rental, as that requires significant modification. While this may be the case with other boiler companies, Powerhouse was equipped with the right equipment and expertise to modify their stock units in a timely fashion to accommodate the unique requirements of DIA. Based on the temperature and BTU requirements, Powerhouse modified a stock Nebraska 75,000PPH steam boiler to accommodate the hot water temperatures required.

The Results


Powerhouse delivered the ideal solution by the deadline required for DIA to maintain operations during the winter months. Ron Savage, the Engineer for the project, commented "the unit was extremely reliable, and we did not experience one hiccup for over 3 months". At the conclusion of the heating season the unit was delivered back to Powerhouse in April of 2015. As DIA continued to assess their boiler situation, they decided to purchase a modified package from Powerhouse to be installed in the Fall of 2015.

Why Powerhouse Was Chosen


Powerhouse provided the engineering, certifications, service and expertise required in a timely fashion. With over 30 years experience in building, servicing and sales of boilers, Powerhouse is the go to source for turnarounds, outages, increased demand and emergencies.

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