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Trailer Mounted Boilers

Extra Large Capacity Boilers Easy-To-Install

Maximum output when you need it. Powerhouse trailer mounted boilers are full capacity boilers specifically designed to operate in outdoor conditions. The boiler is securely mounted on a trailer and can be shipped easily on the road. Hookup is simple with all connections easily accessible.

Key Features

  • Packaged boiler with flame safeguard controls and integrated burner
  • Tri-Fuel (Nat Gas, LPF & #2 Oil)
  • Low Emissions and Hi-Efficiency
  • NEMA4 rated electric components and enclosures
  • Trailer stays with boiler and includes leveling jacks

Use our Boiler Comparison Tool for help in determining which trailer mounted boiler is best suited for your needs.

Boiler Repairs?
If you have a reliable feedwater treatment system that is in need of repairs, you can rent a trailer-mounted boiler from Powerhouse to handle your steam load and avoid downtime for your business. Our rental boilers are easily shipped, set and leveled - offering you substantial cost savings over a complete portable boiler room.

Steam or Hot Water Rentals
Powerhouse Rental Boilers are versatile and can produce low pressure steam, high pressure steam or high temperature hot water for heating and domestic hot water loads.

Call 1-800-377-8326 now to speak with an expert about your requirements. We can have your rental unit mobilized and to you within days!
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  • Horsepower
    • 800 HP
    • 750 HP
    • 650 HP
  • Pounds Per Hour
    • 82500 PPH
    • 75000 PPH
  • MAWP
    • 400 PSIG
    • 250 PSIG
  • Fuel
    • Natural Gas
    • LPG
    • #6 Oil
    • #2 Oil
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