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Colorado Boiler Rental, Sales & Engineering Service

Steam boilers are essential to powering the operations of many of Colorado’s top industries, including Aerospace, Biomedical, Electronics, Energy, Food and Beverage, and Manufacturing. Powerhouse is a family owned and operated business with the reputation of solving any boiler problem. Our extensive expertise in all aspects of boiler operation, management and service, makes us the ideal go-to company for all you boiler needs.

Your Colorado business can count on Powerhouse Boiler Equipment to expertly respond 24/7 to any type of boiler emergency. If you want to rent a boiler, we will deliver a completely portable right-sized rental boiler to your Colorado business site within hours. If you want to buy a brand new boiler or a reconditioned boiler, we can provide same-day shipment. Expert start-up service, operator training and turnkey installation is always included.

Colorado Boiler Projects

We’ve worked with many of the largest operations and facilities in the state of Colorado. Here’s just one of our favorites:

Colorado Industries and Customers

Our experience in the boiler industry is unparalleled. Here are a handful of the customers and industries that Powerhouse has worked with in CO:

  • Environmental
    • Bechtel
  • Manufacturing
    • Gates Corporation
  • Contracting
    • Carrier Commercial Service
    • Baldwin Heating & AC
  • Food & Beverage
    • S&C Resale Company
    • Pilgrims Pride
    • JBS Foods
  • Transportation
    • Denver International Airport
  • Hospitality
    • The Ritz-Carlton


Why Powerhouse

Exceptional boiler expertise and commitment to boiler service is the reason why customers in Colorado and across the U.S., Canada, South America and beyond choose Powerhouse Boiler Equipment for their complete boiler needs. We operate the nation’s largest fleet of portable commercial boilers and industrial rental boilers, so within a few hours we can have a temporary boiler and expert boiler technician at your Colorado location to keep your mission-critical operations up and running and solve your biggest boiler emergencies. We also stock and sell a wide range of new boilers and used boilers made by top manufacturers. In addition, we service heat exchangers, deaerators and related equipment.

Why look any farther than Powerhouse Boiler Equipment, when you have industry-leading experts right around the corner? We are ready to respond immediately to the boiler needs at your Colorado facility.

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