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Message from the President

My name is Matt Stohner and I am President. President of a very special company. It is filled with people who care – they care about what we do and how we do it. We care for each other. Our company was created by my father, Paul and he taught me that caring matters. When we care, it shows. We will make mistakes, we will mess up, but if we are committed, we will get it right and become better.

I was brought up in this company; it is a real family business. The Stohner Family owns & operates Powerhouse. I love this company and what it means. I believe in doing things the right way and I hold everyone that works at Powerhouse accountable, especially myself. I will never hide and I am always available, to anyone, anytime.

Work to live or live to work? Neither – I approach everything with as much passion as possible – my life, my family, my company, my relationships….everything. That is what our company is about – passion. Providing boilers and boiler services, to us, is a crucial part of our economy and take the responsibility seriously.

Powerhouse is growing and taking on new challenges, but our approach will never, ever change. We hope that if you need anything at all related to Boilers, you think Powerhouse.

Thank you,

Matt Stohner, Lucky Dude & President of something awesome

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