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Are we a family company?


Are we old-fashioned?


Get the benefit of the boss knowing your name, while working in a progressive, technologically advanced environment. 

Powerhouse promotes "dual-loyalty".  You be loyal to us and we will be loyal to you.  The best working relationships are just that - relationships.  Powerhouse asks alot of its employees, but also gives alot back in return....

Benefits of Working at Powerhouse

  1. Stable industry.  The Rental Boiler Industry is still in its infancy and steam will never stop being the primary source of heat transfer used.  
  2. Stable company.  We have firmly transitioned to the second generation of ownership, management and technical expertise.  We are set up for the future.  We do not take risky moves.  We have a plan and we stick to it.
  3. Benefits.  401(k) with match, flex-time, bonuses, Blue Cross Medical, Dental, Never any out of pocket expenses, and more.
  4. Exciting.  In our business sometimes we never know what will happen tommorrow.  If you favor boringness, do not apply.
  5. Our people are cool.  We prefer to work with people who we want to hang out with.  We like to have fun and keep it loose
  6. Training and Opportunities.  Seriously want to get better at what you do?  Well guess what, so do we.  Work hard and succeed and you will move up.

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Powerhouse is a drug-free workplace and an equal opportunity employer.

Career Opportunities

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