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Engineering Service

Our full time Engineering staff is available to plan and implement your project from beginning to end.

Powerhouse Equipment & Engineering has a full in-house engineering and drafting department under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer. Our Engineering Department has over 30 years of experience in designing, reverse engineering, and evaluating many types of boilers, steam and hot water power plant systems, fuel piping, and pressure vessels to ASME and National Board Code as well as many other design standards. Powerhouse Equipment & Engineering carries a full range of ASME stamps to certify the repairs and/or fabrications designed by our Engineering Department. Powerhouse has developed industry proven steam, hot water, feedwater, and fuel systems for a myriad of customers and complex operating circumstances.

Powerhouse Equipment & Engineering also provides competent, practical and thorough field engineering services by utilizing staff with extensive field experience and professional engineering skills. This unique mix of practical and professional engineering skills allows Powerhouse Equipment & Engineering to quickly resolve problems on the job to minimize down time to the client.

The years of experience of our Engineering Department combined with the advanced technology available to the department, enable Powerhouse Equipment & Engineering to become an effective partner for your design and engineering requirements.

Engineering Services

  • Mechanical Drafting, for presentation and or manufacturing.
  • Field survey and production of As-Built drawings of previously installed systems.
  • Analysis and design of replacement equipment for almost any boiler system.
  • Evaluate existing systems to can Increase/decrease capacity, improve efficiency with steam and or combustion, improve emissions and or replicate all or part of an existing field erect boiler.
  • Our Engineering Department can analyze performance issues, diagnose problems, design solutions, produce and install replacement components.
  • Our Engineering Department can design and upgrade your boiler controls, both combustion and steam / hot water.
  • Improve and control NOx emissions through burner upgrade, sealed combustion and convection chambers, Design and configuration of Flue Gas Recirculation, Design and configuration of induced gas recirculation, SCR system installation and or design.
  • Design of Fuel system Retrofits, (helpful with the oil market situation)
  • Design and or retrofit of Economizer system
  • System troubleshooting and issue analysis with complete solution and support design write up.
  • Design alternative fuel systems and system retro fits for propane, landfill gas, etc.