24/7 Emergency Service

Boilers are critical to your operations so downtime is not an option. Powerhouse has been providing 24/7 emergency boiler repairs and service to companies worldwide for almost 40 years. Our ability to quickly deploy staff to expertly diagnose and repair your boiler is unmatched. Should your emergency require on-demand boiler equipment or an emergency boiler solution, we can help there too! We have new and used boiler and equipment rentals to meet your needs.


Certified Boiler Technicians

Experienced boiler technicians, code-certified welders and licensed boiler operators are ready to handle any boiler-related emergency, including burner service. Our personnel are experienced working under pressure and trained for emergency boiler repair.

Always Available

24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and all holidays, we are available. Emergencies happen and Powerhouse is always ready to minimize your downtime and get you up and running.

Temporary Needs

If emergency boiler repairs or service will not solve your problem, our rental boiler fleet is standing by ready for your immediate need. We stock rental boilers in every size, with complete portable boiler rooms and boiler auxiliaries available.

Our 24/7 Emergency Team Will Be There to:

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