Boiler Installation

Complete commercial and industrial boiler installations from the boiler professionals. From engineering, to new and used boiler room installation and testing, we are your commercial boiler installation source. No need to subcontract as Powerhouse’s certified boiler professionals have installed boilers and boiler rooms for more than 30 years. Our expertise will allow for a quick and easy installation.


Comprehensive Solution

With our professional staff of engineers, qualified labor and large equipment selection, we are your one source for boiler room installations. From start to finish, we’ll make sure you have the best setup for your operation.


Powerhouse installs boilers, especially in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. We have decades of experience to ensure that your boiler installation meets all local codes.

Temporary Needs

Experience zero downtime during construction. Whether you have a completely new boiler room or are renovating an existing facility, rent a portable boiler room and never skip a beat.

Our Custom Boiler Installation Plan Includes:

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