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The Nebraska A Type Watertube Boiler is a packaged A-type boiler available in sizes from 10,000 pph to 270,000 pph and pressures up to 1,500 psi. Unit is equipped to burn natural gas, #2 oil and heavy oil when combined with a quality burner from a quality manufacturer such as Faber Burner Co. Boiler is constructed to strict ASME, Section 1 standards governing pressure vessels. Complete packaged boiler includes rugged shell and insulated steel jacket mounted on steel skid.

Watertube boilers are designed for mission critical operations in industrial applications because they combine the ultimate in quick load response with heavy grade steel components. The A-type boiler moves the boiler outlet to the top reducing the unit’s overall footprint.

The A Type Boiler can produce saturated steam and also superheat steam up to 1,050F with the use of an internal superheater.

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Technical Specifications

Model A Type
Type Watertube
Design A-Type
Burner Faber Burner Company
Capacity (PPH) 250000 PPH, 150000 PPH, 82500 PPH, 75000 PPH, 50000 PPH, 40000 PPH, 30000 PPH, 25000 PPH, 20000 PPH, 10000 PPH
MAWP 1000 psig, 750 psig, 600 psig, 500 psig, 400 psig, 350 psig, 300 psig, 250 psig, 150 psig
Electric 480v/3ph, 230v/3ph, 208v/3ph
Fuel #2 Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, #6 Oil

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