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Trailer-Mounted Watertube Rental Boiler

Powerhouse 75,000 trailer-mounted watertube rental boiler with design pressure of 400 PSIG. Capable of supplying 99.5% high quality steam in an instant, nothing can match the response of a watertube boiler. Heavily utilized in applications that require instantaneous steam, such as smelting and casting, this package is robust and reliable.

What is included?

The O-type watertube boiler allows for low overall height and center stack arrangement. This means it can be shipped cheaply and easily. Cost of installation is reduced because the boiler will support a large stack extension eliminating the need for expense self-standing stacks.

The Faber Burner will outperform any burner on the market. Faber builds this industrial quality burner in the factory in Lockhaven, PA. With total oversight of the manufacturing process, Faber chooses only the highest quality components.

25PPM NOx with 3% O2 is easily achievable on Natural Gas making this package perfect for locations requiring a Low NOx option without the need for an expensive SCR system or other emissions controlling systems which can be unreliable.

Our entire fleet of trailer-mounted watertube boilers is less than 2 years old.

Technical Specifications

Model TMW-75
Type Firetube
Burner Faber
Capacity (PPH) 75000 PPH
MAWP 400 psig
Electric 480v/3ph
Fuel #2 Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, #6 Oil

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Technical Overview

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Boiler Diagram

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