A large variety of installation options are possible with our skid-mounted boiler systems. Whether you want to install these units outside your boiler room, inside your boiler room, or under cover, these units are the flexible boiler room solution you need. Easily manipulate the movement of these units with a forklift to your perfect installation location.

Plug and Play

Utilize a skid-mounted boiler system for your long-term boiler needs. Offering the flexibility of renting or leasing, Powerhouse can supply these units for use as an alternative to an expensive boiler room. Add on to your existing capacity in times of increased production or during the winter months. Packed with the core boiler room components, a skid-mounted boiler can solve the biggest piece of the puzzle for your application.


If you are a brewer or distiller, these units can offer the boiler solution you need without the expensive engineering and permitting required for a traditional boiler room. Save space in your facility by utilizing a skid-mounted boiler solution. Powerhouse provides flexibility by offering these units for rent, lease or even purchase.

Why use a Skid Mounted Boiler?

Maximum output from the smallest footprint

Available on location in 24 hours

Rapid installation by expert Boiler Techs

Key Features:

  1. Compact design and smaller footprint
  2. Quiet operation with virtually no noise emissions
  3. Nearly 100% efficiency at all operating points
  4. Ease of maintenance with reduced complexity/number of moving parts
  5. All units are wired, tested, and ready for installation

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