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Small footprint enclosure with chassis capable of 60 hp, 2,070 pph steam output at high pressures up to 150 PSIG. This complete portable boiler room contains boiler, burner, feedwater treatment, storage, heating and pumping, fuel, oil storage, electrical swtichgear, and blowdown water tempering. The RH-60 can burn multiple fuels, including natural gas, LPG, and #2 Oil. All components are completely installed, piped and interconnected within enclosure, with all connections made on outside of unit, allowing for convenience and ease of hookup at job site.

Technical Specifications

Model RH-60
Capacity (HP) 60 HP
Capacity (PPH) 2070 PPH
MAWP 150 psig
Electric 480v/3ph
Amps 27
Fuel #2 Oil, LPG, Natural Gas
Fuel Input 2,500,000 BTU/HR

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