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Boiler In A Box

Compare a Powerhouse mobile boiler in a box to someone else’s boiler on a trailer and you will see there is no comparison. A Powerhouse boiler in a box is a new packaged boiler installed into a modular container, complete with chassis and leveling jacks.

If you have plant feedwater treatment, then a Boiler in a Box is the right package for you. This system is fully pre-piped and operates automatically to provide high-quality steam to your process.

All of our Boiler in a Box packages are supported by our expert service department and designed, built and tested for total reliability.

Key Boiler in a Box Features:

  • Packaged boiler with flame safeguard controls and integrated burner
  • Tri-Fuel (Nat Gas, LPG & #2 Oil)
  • Low Emissions and Hi-Efficiency
  • 100% external connections
  • Heated and fully lighted
  • Integral heat exchangers and fuel storage
  • much, much more…
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  • Horsepower
    • 800 HP
    • 750 HP
    • 700 HP
    • 500 HP
  • Pounds Per Hour
    • 27600 PPH
    • 17250 PPH
  • MAWP
    • 250 PSIG
    • 200 PSIG
  • Fuel
    • Natural Gas
    • LPG
    • #2 Oil
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