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Why Rent a Commercial Boiler?

Many companies face a difficult decision: Should we rent a boiler or should we buy a boiler? And, if you decide to purchase a commercial boiler, should you purchase a new boiler or save some money by buying a used boiler? Powerhouse has worked with many companies over the years to solve this problem. While the needs of every company are different, we’ve found there are 5 Key Reasons why a company should rent a commercial boiler.


Boilers are the heart of your process or provide necessary heat and emergencies happen. Rental Boilers are in stock and can be hooked up in a matter of hours. Help is ready.

Peak Demand

Don’t slow down! Don’t overtax your boilers, rent a supplementary unit and get through your period of high demand, easily.

Shutdown / Boiler Repairs

Commercial boilers need regular cleaning and inspection. Rent a boiler for a short term solution and get your units to optimal working condition. Unexpected shutdowns and unplanned repairs can happen. A Rental Commercial Boiler can be shipped and installed on your site in a matter of hours. Your boilers need to be safe and reliable - rent to make this possible.

Capital Expense Alternative

Unable to free up capital? Boiler room taking too long to build or upgrade? Rent for any period and give yourself enormous flexibility.

Flexible Terms

Short-term or long-term. Rent, lease-purchase, finance. Setup the deal that works best for you without crippling your business.

Powerhouse is happy to explore every alternative with your company to find a commercial boiler solution that meets your needs and your budget. We can consider short-term rental engagements with longer-term purchases

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