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Why District Steam Utilities Rent Boilers

Powerhouse is in the rental boiler business. We typically service industrial and commercial customers across the United States, South America and the World. The types of installations that use our rental boilers vary from heating to tank cleaning to sterilization to production all the way up to power generation.

Increasingly, Powerhouse has provided its Portable Boiler Rooms when needed to District Steam Utilities.

Why do District Steam Utilities Need Rental Boilers?

Emergencies, like Hurricane Sandy
Scheduled Repairs – Loop generally taken down in large sections sometimes disabling multiple customers
Upgrades to customer equipment
City Renovation work – street repairs, water line repairs, sewer line repairs all necessitating interruption to district steam service. District steam lines are generally run adjacent to other utility lines.
What is District Steam?

District Steam is steam that is provided by a centralized heating source and distributed through a network of piping to end users. In the United States, most major cities, including New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore and Boston utilize District Steam systems. This allows for high rise buildings and other facilities to take delivery of high pressure steam and hot water without having high pressure boilers on their facilities. They simply have pressure reducing equipment and an internal system for distributing the incoming steam throughout the facility. This makes for a safer building and saves valuable space, which is extremely limited in downtown areas.

As with any steam delivery system, redundancy isn’t always easy to come by. With a district steam loop, the easiest redundant steam system is usually a portable boiler room. Powerhouse portable rooms can be easilly installed adjacent to buildings and easily piped to basement delivery systems, taking over for district steam systems within hours, if required. 

We have the Experience

Powerhouse has over 20 years experience working with steam utilities, such as Trigen/Veolia Energy in Philadelphia, PA. Also, Powerhouse recently provided a Portable Boiler to the Empire State Building when the New York City District Steam Utility, ConEd, lost some of its production capabilities due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Powerhouse Portable Boiler Rooms have been used by District Heating Utilities in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Trenton and oversees in Columbia, Venezuela and Peru.


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