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The Harsh Reality of a Cold Boiler

Winter is coming and so are the demands placed on upon your boiler system. To ensure that your boiler system is operating efficiently and safely Powerhouse recommends that a qualified boiler service technician open your boiler for a inspection. The fireside and the water side will require cleaning. When reassembling your boiler use new gaskets. Also clean and inspect your low water cutoff. Check all safety devices, including safety relief valves, flame safeguard checks and a leak test on all safety shut-off valves.

Note: If the use of fuel oil during the cold winter months has been an issue in the past, consider using a winter mix fuel oil. During cold weather #2 oil looses its viscosity and does not flow as freely as in the warmer months. The winter mix fuel has additional additives such as kerosine to increase the viscosity of the oil without loosing the btu content.

Below is a general checklist of items to inspect, clean, repair, or replace as needed. For more in depth information on why these precautions are so important, visit our Winter Boiler Safety Precautions article.

  • Pilot Valves
  • Operating Limit Controls
  • Ignition Cable
  • Ignition Transformer
  • Linkages
  • Cam Assemblies
  • Damper Moter
  • Programmer
  • Scanner Tube
  • Flame Detector
  • Pilot Electrode and Pilot Tube
  • Oil Gun Assembly
  • Low Water Cut-Offs
  • Manhole Gaskets
  • Handhole Gaskets
  • Burner Gaskets
  • Refractory Baffle Gaskets
  • Replace all Fireside Gaskets
  • All Refractory
  • Sight Ports
  • Safety Valves
  • Shut-off Valves
  • Water Column Assembly
  • Stack Thermometer
  • Gauges
  • Stem Packing
  • Back Pressure Orifice
  • Oil Metering Stem
  • Oil Valves
  • Air and Oil Hoses
  • Strainters
  • Air Cleaner
  • Atomizing Air Pump
  • Air Proving Swtich
  • Blower Motor
  • Gas Butterfly Valve
  • Main Gas Regulator
  • Main Gas Valves

Powerhouse has thirty years of experience providing expert boiler repair, burner servicing, and other industrial boiler maintenance services. If you need a qualified technician to prepare your boiler for winter, we are ready to help.

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