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Portable Boiler Rooms are the Easiest Power Solution

Portable Boiler Rooms are the Easiest Power Solution

Companies face difficult decisions when they require a new boiler solution. Powerhouse has created the Ultimate Portable Boiler Room (PBR), which is the easiest power solution. Our mobile boilers are easy to install, easy to operate, easy to transport, easy to work on and easy to repair. It’s the experience and attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Here are the 21 advantages of selecting Powerhouse’s Ultimate Portable Boiler Room:

  • We use new boilers – average age is 2.5 years – which means you’re receiving the most efficient, up-to-date technology with the lowest emissions
  • We use boilers from quality manufacturers – Cleaver Brooks and Hurst – to ensures maximum up-time and reliability
  • Our Ultimate Portable Boiler Room is constructed in steel shipping containers – something Powerhouse innovated. This results in structurally rigid, durable, easy to ship boiler rooms.
  • Additionally, at every stress point and production enhancement, we structurally reinforce with steel for integrity and durability.
  • We engineer the container separate from the chassis, so it can be removed providing flexible options for easier installation.
  • We take immense pride in our product. Every Portable Boiler Room is painted with automotive quality paint sure not to rust or deteriorate. It’s never an eyesore to your facility.
  • As opposed to wooden floors or other flooring, we diamond plate, prime & paint, weld & seal each Portable Boiler Room. This ensures fire safety, easy cleaning and structural integrity.
  • Easy access to boiler inspection ports
  • Combustion air louvres mean that units do not have to operate with open doors resulting in physical space advantages, cleaner installation and ensures the unit gets enough combustion air.
  • Exhaust fan for ventilation of hot air
  • Unit heater for freeze protection and reliable operation.
  • All units are already connected and pre-piped. When your Ultimate Portable Boiler Room arrives, it’s ready to hookup and run – when you need it most!
  • Man doors create an easy entrance and exit from the unit.
  • All connections are made on the outside of unit for easy hookup and cleaner appearance.
  • With our structurally reinforced steel units, they can support large stacks. There’s no additional hassle should your require additional stacks.
  • Both front and rear boiler can be opened – for easy inspections and for fast repairs should something go wrong.
  • Each unit is fully lighted for safe operation – morning, noon or middle of the night.
  • All outside connections are easily marked for no confusion in properly hooking up your unit.
  • All piping is properly supported to ease stress and ensure durability.
  • Boiler meets ASME and National Board Certifications
  • All piping and wiring is NFPA and FM approved

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