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Finding The Right Boiler Rental Company

Building a rental boiler is no easy task. Many companies just find an old boiler, throw it in a trailer and call it a Portable Boiler Room. But don’t let the fancy paint job fool you. It’s what’s under the hood that matters, and too often, these boilers will not meet expectations.

Unfortunately, we have seen bad rental boilers in the field for years; boilers that are cheaply built, under-perform and are out-of-date, all of which can be extremely dangerous.

If you are in the market for a rental boiler, it is crucial to research not only the boiler you need, but also the company you are renting from.

This article highlights what qualities and standards you should look for in a potential boiler rental provider. And to better prepare you for your conversation with a boiler rental company, we’ve also included a list of questions you should ask to prevent issues with your boiler before they arise.

What To Look For in a Boiler Rental Vendor

Years of Experience with Boiler Rentals
When researching a boiler rental provider, it is important to find a company that is credible and professional. If you come across a boiler contractor who only has a few rental boilers to offer, the chances are that these are old, heavily used boilers.

So, how can you tell if you are dealing with an established rental company? First, look at how many years they’ve been in business. Companies that have been in business for a number of years most likely have a proven track record of providing successful and reliable services.

Then, look at what certifications the company carries and what professional Boiler Certification organizations they belong to. Certifications and organizations you should look for include:

Finally, get firsthand feedback from the company’s previous customers if possible. Ask the rental company for referrals to talk to, and ask about their experience working with the company. Also, if the company provides case studies on their site, review them to get real life examples of the kind of projects and services they provide.

New Boilers in Stock with Few Repairs
If you are having a boiler emergency, where reliability is of the utmost importance, you do not want to take your chances of renting a boiler that has been repaired multiple times before being rented out.

Powerhouse only rents brand new boilers purchased straight from a manufacturer, ensuring that you get a modern, state of the art piece of equipment that is less than five years old.

Test Fired Boilers
A piece of equipment should be fully tested and inspected after each rental. If a unit arrives at your facility and is not ready to run, it can cause the delay of your project and add additional expenses you didn’t anticipate, not to mention the potential loss of production or products that rely on steam to be produced.

Powerhouse test fires and inspects our equipment after each job at one of our fully equipped test stands. This ensures the unit will arrive on-site ready to be hooked up, and put online in a timely fashion.

Make sure all code standards are met
Boiler safety is a serious concern; you put your organization and all those at your facility at risk if code standards for your rental boiler are not met.

A rental boiler should be inspected and tested by a well-trained technicians to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Powerhouse’s Engineering Department evaluates all boilers to ensure they meet ASME and National Board Code. In addition, every Powerhouse boiler possesses an operating certificate from either Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or Maryland, and we guarantee that the boiler will pass inspection at no additional charge.

Weather Protected with External Connections
In order for a boiler to continue running efficiently in freezing temperatures, it must have have proper insulation for the boiler itself, as well as the external connections.

Powerhouse’s Portable Boiler Rooms are delivered in fully lighted and heated trailers that protect it from the harshest environments. Our boiler experts also insulate all external connections to prevent the piping from freezing.

A Warranty and Guarantee of Operation
Unexpected boiler outages can be crippling to your organization. When looking for a potential boiler rental company, avoid a potential disaster and make sure they offer a warranty or guarantee of operation.

Our rental boilers are guaranteed against all failures occurring from normal use. We will do whatever it takes to get your boiler operational as quickly as possible. Any reputable boiler rental company should offer the same.

Next Steps

Once you thoroughly vet multiple boiler rental companies and choose one vendor you would like to work with, be prepared to ask them boiler specifics.

Ask the following questions to ensure you are getting a quality piece of equipment with reliable service:

  • Is this a new or used boiler?
  • How many repairs has this boiler had previously?
  • Does it pass all code standards?
  • Does this boiler have weather protection with external connections?
  • Does it come with a warranty and guarantee of operation?
  • Does it have an emergency stop switch?
  • Does it have a fuel shutoff switch?
  • Do you provide engineer support?
  • Where are you located? How fast can you deliver to us?
  • How many boilers do you have in stock for delivery?

If you put in the time to do the proper research on both the rental company and the boilers they provide, you will avoid potential boiler disasters in the future. Be prepared to ask questions and always hold your boiler provider to highest standards.

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