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Emergency Boiler Repair Can Save Lives and Businesses

Industrial boilers can be very dangerous if operated incorrectly, and can lead to countless headaches for companies. In addition to the life-threatening injuries that can result from a ruptured boiler spitting out hot steam, a damaged boiler can be a tricky item to fix during an emergency.

Fortunately, there is a business in the Philadelphia area that can handle an emergency boiler repair. At Powerhouse, our certified technicians are boiler repair experts can be a lifesaver and a game-changer. With a 24/7 emergency response network, Powerhouse Boiler Equipment will work to assist you in the event of a serious problem, no matter what the scale.

With rental boilers available to keep up operations, our service team will help with the problematic boiler and assist your business in making the quickest recovery. Professionals with industry knowledge and vast experience will ensure that your boilers will be protected in the case of an emergency situation. Like a boiler itself, Powerhouse technicians are used to working under immense pressure!

Although you will surely want us to help manage smaller boiler repairs before they magnify into a full-scale emergency, one simply cannot always predict when that burst pipe or core malfunction arises. Because Powerhouse is always on call, your boiler will be back up and running in no time.

In the event of a full-scale boiler emergency, make sure that you are well prepared to handle the potential disasters.

  • Fire safety is extremely important, as is the ability to handle any emergency in an effective manner.
  • Always wear proper safety attire when handling your boiler, including hard hats and goggles.
  • Have a plan of action so that in the event of a boiler emergency, your co-workers will be safe and that the emergency repair can proceed with full steam.

Once you ensure the safety of your team, it will be time to call in the pros for the emergency boiler repair. With over 30 years in the business of boiler maintenance and sales, Powerhouse Boiler Equipment is Philadelphia’s premier reference for all things boiler related. Boilers are immensely complex devices and sometimes require a great amount of upkeep and personal attention to ensure that the equipment is running efficiently and smoothly.

If you have noticed any signs that your boiler is experiencing a technical malfunction, our team will assist and make sure that a full-scale boiler emergency is avoided. Because of the sensitivity of these items, an emergency boiler repair can often be a minor cost that prevents a major loss in the future.

Make sure that your business is safe today and let us assist you in keeping your industrial boilers in tiptop shape, before an emergency boiler repair is required. Powerhouse Boiler Repair has been servicing boilers for decades and are always here and ready to assist you in your business’s time of need.

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