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Do You Perform Planned Maintenance or Do You Wait for a Boiler Breakdown?

Unfortunately, many companies do not perform planned preventative maintenance on their boilers, which results in shortened lifespans and emergency breakdowns. While we are prepared to help with boiler emergencies, Powerhouse advocates that all companies should adhere to a preventative maintenance schedule.

Powerhouse can provide this service for your company. Although each installation is unique, there are some common maintenance steps that our service group follows:

  • Open front and rear doors. Clean fireside surfaces as required.
  • Inspect all refractory. Patch and wash coat as required.
  • Inspect all gasketing on front and rear doors and replace as necessary.
  • Seal and close front and rear doors properly.
  • Remove low and auxiliary low water cut off controls, clean and inspect, then re-install using new gaskets
  • Remove plugs in control piping, inspect, clean and re-install
  • Remove all handhole and manhole plates. Flush boiler with water to remove loose scale and sediment
  • Replace all handhole and manhole plates with new gaskets
  • Open feedwater tank manway, inspect and clean as required
  • Replace manway plate with new gasket
  • Clean burner and burner pilot
  • Check pilot electrode and adjust or replace
  • Clean motor starter contacts and check operation
  • Make necessary adjustments to burner for proper combustion and record all results in burner service report.
  • Perform all flame safeguard and safety trip checks and record results in report.
  • Check all handhole plates and manhole plates for leaks at normal operating conditions
  • Troubleshoot any boiler system problems as requested by on-site personnel
  • If you would like to explore this boiler service option for your company, please call Powerhouse at 800-37-STEAM.

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