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Building Beauties

Powerhouse recently completed construction of two 200HP Portable Boiler Rooms for a government contract. These custom units were specified to meet strict design criteria and Powerhouse was able to get the job done. The customer operates a large facility with aging boiler room equipment. They required a solution to provide steam at direct point of use locations, when needed for their operation. Also, they needed to move the steam source from location to location within their facility while feeding the units with untreated water. Strict air permitting required the use of low emission boilers.

All of these parameters required Powerhouse to pull out all the stops. Fortunately we have built units like this before, so we were ready for the challenge.

Specifications for Custom-Built 200HP Portable Boiler Rooms:

  • Enclose in 40′ Shipping Container with Removable Chassis
  • Interconnect and pre-pipe all components to act as one complete boiler system
  • 200HP Cleaver Brooks low emissions packaged boiler, dual-fuel capable
  • On-board fuel oil storage and delivery system
  • Natural Gas train with motorized gas valves
  • Reverse Osmosis water treatment system with preheat and storage capabilities
  • Chemical injection system
  • Dual feedwater pumps
  • Boiler Blowdown system


Features of the units are:

  • 100% Exterior connections
  • All-Steel construction
  • Welded and reinforced flooring and openings
  • Florescent lighting throughout
  • Rigid conduit
  • Jacketed and insulated piping
  • Marked and tagged connections, valves and components

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